5 Reasons Why Architecture Design is a Growing Industry

The architectural design industry is growing because of the demand for new homes, buildings, and renovation work. In addition, updating existing structures to meet current standards is another driving factor. According to the IBISWorld Report on Global Architecture Industry Statistics of 2015, predictions are that the annual growth rate would go up by 2.2% between 2015 and 2020. Here are the reasons behind the rapid growth of architectural design:

Adds Value Lives

You'll add value to people's lives through your work. For example, architectural designs improve the quality of life for many people by building homes, schools, and hospitals that serve the people in need. Therefore, they provide a place where people can live and form communities to support each other during difficult times like war and famine.

High Demand for Modern Buildings

The growing demand for new commercial, industrial, and residential properties calls for more architects and engineers who specialize in designing buildings and other structures such as bridges, dams, roads, and parking garages. Furthermore, the increasing demand for energy-efficient buildings has also boosted the need for skilled professionals who can design such structures. In addition, architects are familiar with all the aspects of green construction and are instrumental in developing environmentally friendly buildings that meet current standards while still being cost-effective.


Many people are moving into cities, and there is a need to construct more buildings to accommodate people's needs. With urbanization comes urban sprawl, which means there will be more construction in urban areas worldwide over the next few decades.


The world's population is growing fast, and more buildings are in demand to house people. As cities grow, so does their density, which means there will be a demand for more housing units and office spaces. In addition, the need for high-end luxury apartments is rising due to the population and increasing middle-class income levels. The scenario will further increase the demand for architects who can design such flats.

Office Buildings

The demand for office buildings is increasing consistently due to the growth of businesses across different industries, including IT, finance, and government organizations. As a result, these offices need architects with excellent knowledge of office building designs and concepts.

If you need to upgrade, renovate, or thinking of a unique design, talk to us and witness your dream come true.

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