Our Knoxville design team transforms problem-solving into an art form. C3 Studio specializes in traditionally inspired design with a timeless spirit. We offer a full scope of design services while pursuing innovative and progressive techniques. An experienced team with an understanding of methodology and materials allows for creativity and affordability. Our projects transcend the ordinary. 

Thoughtful design rewards the SENSES.


C3 Studio, LLC specializes in providing clients with a comprehensive range of design services that guide the project from design to construction to certificate of occupancy. Our design philosophy stems from the quest for ideas and answers which allows thoughtful design. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality possible within budget. We are in love with residential design and what it can do for neighborhoods, communities, and people.


C3 Studio sees “the big picture” and can make sure all the pieces fit together in the most efficient and pleasing way possible. We think about how the homes feel to the people who live in them. Beyond the practical issues of size, quality, and cost, we  consider the intangible aspects of feel, human scale, and aesthetics.

Our Accomplishments

We have crafted each and every demo with extensive care and precision and the theme is power packed yet easy to use.


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project.

Our Partners

These people make us believe in ourselves and keep us strong. We work with some of the top notch companies in the industry.