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Build To Rent Communities

Over the past nine years, C3 has planned several Build To Rent (BTR) communities of anywhere from 12 to 45 acres and 100 to 375 units.

The residences in these neighborhoods have become highly-desirable; often, they have waiting lists of renters before the units are completed. Notable neighborhoods are in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

Land Planning

We combine the best design principles of traditional neighborhoods and our experience in working for BTR developers to create efficient, balanced land plans that are beautiful.

Helms Farm Neighborhood_02.25.2023 (1)-1.png

Cottages, Duplexes & Townhomes

We have found that architecture for budget-conscious construction does not need to look like budget architecture. Our architecture is timeless and beautiful, adding value that clients appreciate.



We have the experience to know what residents really want based on the demographics of the target market. We also have learned what materials make sense, not just for budgetary considerations, but also for durability and easy maintenance.

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