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Our firm designs beautiful and inspiring homes, often influenced by historic architecture.

We're passionate about creating
timeless and uniquely functional homes.

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As Seen On

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Tennessee Farmhouse

Unique Homes

We create home designs tailored to meet your exact needs beautifully.

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Whites Bend

House Plans

Browse our large selections of beautifully designed homes. Find inspiration, find comfortable spaces, find your next home.


Sea Glass Cottages  |  Build To Rent

Build to Rent

Over the past nine years, C3 has planned several Build To Rent (BTR) communities of anywhere from 12 to 45 acres and 100 to 375 units.


Grab a glimpse of some of the beautiful work we've been able to do for our wonderful clients.  

Let us know which is your favorite!

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We know that nothing beats a personal touch. That's why we like to converse with every client to make sure their dream is communicated and any questions be answered.

We enjoy taking care of our clients.

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