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Community Design

From working on multi-phase, multi-amenity, larger projects to smaller ones with only a few dozen lots and no amenities, we have learned how satisfying it is to create walkable, vibrant neighborhoods.  We specialize in TND, Tiny Home, and New Urbanist communities.


Myrtle Beach, SC

This 253-lot community is exposed to the surrounding wetlands as an environmentally conscientious and interactive experience, with 9.8 residential units per acre of density. The natural experience provided inside the community is only enhanced by the existing golf course, marina, and intercoastal waterway,located around the perimeter of the village.

The development also includes an amenity center and a beach.


Myrtle Beach, SC

Conveniently located near the airport, retail shopping, and the beach, residences at Market Common are affordable and popular, making this a fast-selling project. The homes feature front porches and traditional Charleston Style architecture and color selections.

Spanning for almost a decade, C3 Studio has planned several phases in this development, with dozens of house designs built and pending construction. The firm was also was involved in the renovation of an existing edifice to transform it into an amenity building which includes a pool.

Our Specialty

At C3 Studio we specialize in TND, tiny homes, and new urbanist communities.


Santa Rosa Beach, FL

C3 Studio is the exclusive architect for this 52-lot Floridian community. Though not engaged in the lot planning, C3 designed the residences and local poolhouse amenity.


Baton Rouge, LA

Rouzan Community is a historically-correct and detail-oriented development in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. C3 Studio planned some "pocket neighborhoods" and cottage courts, and has designed several houses in this community

Rouzan Montessori School is a 10,000 SF facility designed with additional flex space, and is located at the end of a terminus on a corner transitioning


Chattanooga, TN

The Village at Black Creek Mountain overlooks several of the community’s water features and includes single family and live-work buildings, neighborhood green space, and an amphitheater.   The Club at Black Creek Mountain is a place where all residents of Black Creek Mountain can get together to share and connect.

With a growing community, Black Creek’s Clubhouse was in need of a major overhaul both in the building’s size and interior design. Black Creek’s renovation doubled the pre-existing footprint.

Collaborate, Create, and Build

It would be our pleasure to collaborate in creating a new community.

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