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Inspiration at Hand

Thank you for your interest in C3 Studio plans!  We prefer to speak with each of you personally about your project and plan needs, but some basic information about the plans and process follows to get you started.

The Process

The Process (Existing)

Choosing a Plan

Browse our current selections to find one to your liking.

Feel free to sort and browse through one of our dozens of different plans! We add new plans every week, so be sure to circle back for new designs.

What's Included

Each set of plans includes all the information needed to build your home in most locations.  At a minimum each set of plans will include a conceptual site plan, floor plans, roof plan, exterior elevations, foundation plan, wall sections, as needed, and details of any special conditions or unusual construction details. 

We recommend the use of a local structural engineer to ensure that the plan works as-is for your particular site and the help of your general contractor to ensure that local codes are met.  Again, we can make modifications, if needed.

You can download a sample set of plans here.

Tailored To You

Found a nearly perfect plan that needs a bit of tweaking?  Actually, most folks who purchase our plans do ask for a few changes to make the plan their own, whether because they have floor plan needs that require changes or whether the site dictates the need for changes.

We would love to speak with you about your needed changes.  Please email us at or phone us at

(865) 309-4461 to set up a time to speak with our Principal, Greg Huddy. Once we understand your needs, we will give you a range of hours needed to complete your changes.  We will stay within that range unless you change the scope of the changes so that you don’t receive any surprises on your bill. We charge an hourly fee for changes of $140/hr., and you will have our proposal in writing for your records.  It’s pretty simple!

Plan Copyright Disclaimer

The purchase of plans from C3 entitles the purchaser to build from the plans one time.  If you intend to use the plan more than once, you must execute additional re-use contracts with C3 Studio and pay additional re-use fees.  Legally, plans may not be shared with anyone for use outside of the one project for which the plans were purchased.  

What Happens Next


Picked out a plan? Give us a call, our Principal, Greg, would love to hear from you and discuss modifications and any questions.



If the plan need changes, C3 will create a contract listing the re-use fee as well as fees for changes.  Once we receive your signed contract and check or digital payment, we will create your plan changes.


Plans will be emailed to you in PDF form normally within two weeks and will be best printed on 11x17 inch paper. 

For a simple re-use purchase, plans will be emailed to you within 10 business days.  If changes are needed or you are purchasing plans from our Plan Concepts section, an individualized time frame will be provided to you before purchase.

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